Less Than Full Time Training (LTFT)

All doctors in training can apply for LTFT training either during their training or ahead of starting.

The aims of LTFT training are to:

  • retain in the workforce doctors who are unable or do not wish to continue their training on a full-time basis
  • promote career and personal development as well as work/life balance for doctors training in the NHS
  • ensure continued training in programmes on a time equivalence (pro rata) basis

There are 3 categories of eligibility for LTFT training:

Category 1

  • Disability or ill-health
  • Responsibility for children under 18 years of age
  • Directly caring for ill/disabled partner, relative or other dependent

Category 2

  • Unique opportunities for personal/professional development
  • Service to the wider NHS
  • Other reasons (must meet the requirement of a ‘well-founded individual reason’)

Category 3

This is a new category that allows trainees to apply for LTFT for personal/general wellbeing reasons. Applicants in this category are not required to provide further details of their reasons for wishing to train LTFT. However, there are certain limitations for trainees applying for category 3 approval and for August 2021 this is open to trainees in a limited number of specialties (see below)

Eligible specialties (as of August 2021)

EM/O&G/PaediatricsFull rollout and trainees can apply for LTFT (80%) that is not time limited, although will be subject to annual review  
Higher physicianly specialties Psychiatry, Radiology, Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthetics (HEE TV Only)First year rollout. Trainees can apply for 4months of 80% LTFT with a choice of three start dates – August/December/April.

How to apply

Trainees should first discuss a potential application for LTFT training with their Educational Supervisor, Training Programme Director (TPD) and Programme Manager.

Complete the Application Form and submit, along with copies of supporting documents (e.g. Birth or marriage certificate), to LTFT.TV@hee.nhs.uk

Our aim is to respond to requests as quickly as possible, in most cases within two weeks.

The Gold Guide (section 3) contains more details on arrangements for LTFT training.

Changing percentage of training?

Please discuss and agree this with your TPD before emailing the LTFT mailbox.